Advanced Heart and Lung Programs

Advanced Heart and Lung Programs

The University of Maryland Medical Center has a reputation for being at the forefront of care for patients in need of advanced heart and lung support. Our clinical teams are often sought when conventional treatments are no longer an option for patients in community settings.

Together, teams of doctors from a variety of medical and surgical backgrounds evaluate patients and determine the best course of treatment for a full range of complex heart and lung issues. Patients benefit from innovative treatments when doctors collaborate from across the Division of Transplantation, the Comprehensive Heart and Vascular Center, and the Lung Rescue Unit in Shock Trauma. The University of Maryland School of Medicine's Program in Lung Healing places an emphasis on pulmonary research and discovery, complementing the clinical work at the hospital to save patient lives. Because of the international reputations of these programs, patients have access to the latest clinical trials that are often available at a limited number of hospitals throughout the U.S.

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Contact the Heart and Lung teams at 1-800-373-4111.

Contact the Heart and Lung Programs by calling 1-800-492-5538.

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