• Patient Stories

    The University of Maryland Heart Center is recognized as a leader in providing advanced cardiac treatments for children and adults. Read about some of our patients and their life-changing experiences.

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  • Treatment and Services

    The Heart Center brings together the top cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who work together to devise unique treatment plans for each patient using leading-edge medicine and innovative surgical techniques.

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  • Heart Center News

    At the University of Maryland Heart Center, we're proud of the contributions and accomplishments that have allowed us to improve the lives of many of our patients.

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  • Preparing for Heart Surgery

    If you’re preparing for heart surgery, learn practical information about what to do before surgery, what you will likely experience in the operating room, and what to expect waking up in the ICU.

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Why Choose University of Maryland
Heart Center

At the University of Maryland Heart Center, we have a reputation for diagnosing and treating the most complex heart conditions. In fact, we are a national referral center for difficult cardiac cases. You will feel confident that you are in the hands of the nation’s leading heart experts.

The vast expertise of our physicians, who are also University of Maryland School of Medicine faculty members, distinguishes us as a first-rate academic heart center. Our depth of experience and expertise makes us the right heart center for you.

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Heart Center News

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Information for Friends and Family

Have a friend or family member being treated at the University of Maryland Heart Center? This section has everything you need to know before you head over.

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For more information or to make an appointment, please call 1-866-408-6885.

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