Francis Henry Wittmann

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Francis Henry Wittmann

Kristin, Kim and everyone at UMD,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for making a very difficult time in my life better in so many different ways. Your kindness and warm encouragement helped me to get through this time and I'm not sure I could have handled it without your support.

I've seen many doctors and nurses over the last month and you should commend yourselves for going above and beyond for your patients. It meant so much to me to be so well cared for every time I visited.

I promise to send updates on the baby and an announcement as soon as we can. All of the best to each of you from one tough American.


Emily Wittmann

For detailed assessment, call the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at 1-888-349-8946 (FIX-TWIN).