Clinical Settings

The University of Maryland's Family Practice residency combines a university hospital setting with support from community hospitals and other facilities for a well-rounded experience.

The central ambulatory focus is University Family Medicine located on Paca Street, where over 20,000 patients receive their medical care coming to us with all types of insurance. Our clinic has 36 examining rooms, plus facilities for office laboratory studies and procedures. A top-of-the-line electronic medical record system was implemented in September 2010 for our patient care documentation and has allowed us to transition to a more paperless environment. The patient care is delivered by the team concept as the residents, faculty and medical assistants are divided into three practice teams, each with their own patients, examining rooms, nursing, and support staff.

University Family Medicine has been recognized as an NCQA Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home. In addition to general family medicine, our faculty also incorporate their special interests into dedicated clinic sessions for sports medicine, adult bariatrics, pediatric bariatrics, behavioral medicine, addiction medicine, and women’s health procedures.

We offer several inpatient sites for the many rotations during the residency. The main site is at our own medical center one block away. The department has a designated inpatient service team and bed allocation for admissions from the ER or direct from the practice.

Currently, Union Memorial Hospital, across town, provides a training site for medicine, ICU and surgical rotations. This modern, 292-bed community hospital offers a large full-time staff of well-qualified internists and sub-specialists. The Family Medicine residents make up one of the Adult Medicine teams. Our second year residents function as supervising residents in on the Adult/Internal Medicine Service, including serving as Medical Admitting Officer when they are on-call.

University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus, a University of Maryland System Hospital just a few blocks away, offers another training site for Obstetrics and surgical rotation experiences.

Similarly, rotations in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ambulatory Geriatrics, Surgery and its sub-specialties, are mixed throughout the University and community hospitals. Many of our rotations in the third year are based in physician's offices in the community.

For more information, call the University Physicians Consultation and Referral Service at 1-800-492-5538 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians).

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