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Family and Community Medicine Residency Program

Program Overview

Our department's main objective is to provide superior teaching and training for residents, and to prepare them for any type of career in family medicine. We've done that for 30 years, and for nearly 400 graduates who are now practicing and teaching across the country.

Because we're located in the heart of a major city, University Family Medicine (UFM) and the University of Maryland Medical Center provide opportunities for residents with special interests in urban health. Our department also has ten years of experience in working with patients in managed care programs. These working people (many of them hospital employees and their families) are cared for by our residents and faculty. In addition, the Student and Employee Health Service of the University of Maryland, Baltimore is part of UFM. Residents also care for this young and exciting population. Our new facility has been designed so that we see our patients in a private office setting, ensuring a diverse practice experience.

We care for our OB, pediatric, and adult medicine patients who need hospitalization on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service at the University of Maryland Medical Center, which is run entirely by our residents and faculty. Our rotations take place at the University of Maryland Medical Center and several local community hospitals. Most of the training in Internal Medicine, including CCU and ICU, occurs at Union Memorial Hospital, located five miles from the University of Maryland. The University of Maryland Medical Center, with its extensive academic and clinical expertise, is utilized for our training in Emergency Medicine, and for a portion of the education in Obstetrics and Pediatrics. There are also rotations in Obstetrics and Pediatrics at community hospitals, which complement those at the University of Maryland Medical Center. We believe this offers the types of hospital experiences that will best prepare you for practice. The training in behavioral sciences and the surgical sub-specialties is done completely in private practice settings. Residents do not spend any time in the hospital "clinic" system.

The core of the curriculum occurs at UFM. Here we help you integrate specialty skills with comprehensive patient management. Training in colposcopy, endometrial biopsy and minor office surgical procedures occurs at UFM.

Our program is structured so that you're able to meet established educational goals within three years. In the first year, the curriculum emphasizes experiences in an array of in-patient settings. As you progress, more time is allocated to the comprehensive and continuous experiences of UFM. Electives are chosen to complement your skills, providing you with a well-rounded clinical education.

For more information, call the University Physicians Consultation and Referral Service at 1-800-492-5538 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians).

This page was last updated: January 23, 2014

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