Researcher Biographies

Scott E. Strome, M.D.
Dr. Strome's research program is focused on the study of mechanisms to harness the immune response to squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN) for purposes of diagnoses/monitoring and therapy. From a diagnostic perspective, Dr. Strome's laboratory is studying the humoral response to specific tumor antigens both as a prognostic indicator and as tool to identify antigen specific T cell function.

The therapeutic component of Dr. Strome's research is geared toward the development of antigen specific vaccines to stimulate priming of the immune response with subsequent manipulation of specific costimulatory pathways to enhance antitumor effector T cell function. These studies include characterizing the protein structure and function of costimulatory molecules at the molecular level and assessing their suitability for clinical use.

Additionally, Dr. Strome's laboratory is developing means to determine the utility of bone marrow derived effector cells for antitumor therapy. Dr. Strome's laboratory is funded by a combination of extramural, industry, institutional and philanthropic support.

Rodney Taylor, M.D. Dr. Taylor's research interests include clinical outcomes and disparity research for head and neck cancer patients.

He also is co-principal investigator and recipient of the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute 2003 Clinical Innovator Award investigating tobacco exposure and chronic sinusitis.

Jeffrey S. Wolf, M.D. Dr. Wolf's research program focuses on tumor biology of head and neck cancer and novel therapeutics. His specific research goals include deciphering the complex mechanism of lactoferrin therapy in head and neck cancer and translating these basic discoveries into clinical practice.

Dr. Wolf's clinical research interests relate to the effect of tobacco smoke exposure on chronic sinusitis and informed consent practices in Otolaryngology.

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