Success Stories

Photo of Sarah Chisholm

Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Debra Schuman: Robot-Assisted Pancreatectomy Speeds Recovery Time for Busy Nurse

Fatima Peay: Pancreatic Cancer Patient Now Cancer Free; Calls Her Experience 'a Beautiful Miracle'

George Sobeck: Surgery with heated chemotherapy gives patient with recurrent colon cancer new hope for the future.

Linda S: Pennsylvania woman undergoes extensive surgery with heated chemotherapy to treat rare abdominal cancer.

Charlene Jordan: Innovative therapy, aggressive treatment benefit woman with rare form of gastrointestinal cancer.


Hernia/GERD and General Surgery

Terri Gillmore: Crohn's disease patient says "My hero is Dr. Stephen Kavic."

Sarah Chisholm: GERD/sleep apnea patient benefits from multidisciplinary care.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Brendan Wills: Colitis Patient is Able To Compete in More Than 20 Triathlons After Receiving Remicade Treatments at UMMC's IBD Center..

Katie Lucksho: Crohn's patient makes the transition from pediatric to adult GI care.

Zac Weinstein: College freshman is 'back to normal' after receiving Remicade treatments in new Pediatric Infusion Center.

Melinda Ridgely: Crohn's disease patient receives multi-disciplinary care.

Laura Stephens: Ulcerative colitis patient credits Dr. Cross with saving her and her child's life.

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