What is a Meatal Stenosis?

Meatal stenosis is a narrowing of the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. It interferes with the normal urinary stream and toilet trained boys often feel pressure prior to urinating.

What Can I Expect from Surgery?

To correct meatal stenosis, the surgeon will make the urinary opening at the tip of the penis slightly larger. The inside of the urethra is sutured to the glans (tip of the penis). These sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.

Time off Work

Plan on a total of 2 days off work including the surgical day. This will allow for a quiet day after the operation.

Important Notes:

  • Please keep the office staff up to date with a change in phone#, address or pediatrician. We may need to reach you in an emergency.
  • If your child becomes ill (fever, rash, cold) the week before surgery please contact our office immediately (410) 328-5730.

Tips for the Day of Surgery:

Bring for your son:

  • A variety of favorite toys, music tapes, or books to encourage quiet time.
  • A special toy or security blanket that may help to comfort you child.
  • A change of clothes and loose clothes to wear home from the hospital.

Bring for Yourself:

  • Any activity you enjoy to help pass the time.
  • Snacks or money to buy yourself a meal. Please do not eat in front of your child.

It is best, when possible, to make arrangements for siblings to stay at home on the day of surgery, in order for you to participate fully in your child’s care.

Post Operative Discharge Instructions:

Feeding Your Child After Surgery:

Your son may have a regular diet for his age.

Constipation is common after surgery. Anesthesia and pain medicine (Roxicet) can contribute to constipation. Give your child plenty of clear liquids after surgery. Call the office if you child goes longer than 48 hours without a bowel movement.

Bathing Instructions:

There is no special care required after meatoplasty. Bathe your son normally.


0-8 months: Normal activity for age. 8 months - 2-1/2 years: Be careful of toddler accidents. 2-1/2 years - 12 years: Quiet supervised play for 24-48 hours.


Return to Daycare/School the next day. Call 410-328-5730 for any questions or if there is:

  • Bleeding or excessive drainage.
  • Fever above 101 F.
  • Vomiting.
  • Not making urine (or decrease in wet diapers).

*If you have any questions about the surgery, please call: the nurse practitioner or surgeon caring for your child: 410-328-5730.

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