Insurance and Billing

Will my insurance let me come to your new location?

Your insurance company has been notified of our address change. If we are listed on your card as your child's Primary Care Provider (PCP), you are still able to see your physician.

Will I have a copayment for my visit?

You will be responsible for any copayment required by your insurance at the time of your visit.

Will my insurance company receive two bills?

Yes- one is for your physician's professional fee and the second is for the University Specialty Hospital's facility fee.

What is a facility fee?

A facility fee represents the costs associated with the use of the facility, staffing and equipment.

Is the facility fee a set amount?

No, it depends on the tests and the services you receive and the length of your appointment time.

Who do I contact in the event I have billing questions?

The numbers for customer service are:

  • Physician Customer Service: 410-706-2037
  • Hospital Customer Service (UMMS):  410-821-4140
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