Growth and Nutrition

The Growth and Nutrition Division in the Department of Pediatrics offers continuing comprehensive care to children from infancy through early childhood.

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It consists of the Growth and Nutrition Clinic and research studies related to pediatric growth and development. Dr. Maureen Black is the principal investigator of four research studies in addition to being the director of the Growth and Nutrition Clinic. The Growth and Nutrition Clinic cares for pediatric patients with growth or feeding difficulties. Treatment focuses on biological and psychosocial components relating to feeding issues.

Patient Conditions | Special Programs | Current Studies and Research Activities

Patient Conditions

  • Growth delay

  • Feeding problems

Special Programs

  • Growth and Nutrition Clinic, which provides interdisciplinary evaluation and intervention for children under 3 years old who are demonstrating impaired growth and/or feeding problems.

Current Studies and Research Activities

The current studies and research activities being conducted in the Growth and Nutrition Division include:

  • Challenge! in Schools

  • Children's HealthWatch (formerly C-SNAP)

  • Tips on Parenting Study (TOPS)

  • Long term follow-up of children exposed to substances prenatally

  • Long-term follow-up of children with failure-to-thrive

  • Impact of micronutrients (iron and zinc) of child development

  • Pediatric overweight prevention

  • Adolescent parenting

  • Child development in resource-poor conditions

Each program has a unique objective(s) and target population, with many volunteer and internship opportunities available.

In addition to the projects that take place at the University of Maryland Baltimore campus, Dr. Black does international work related to feeding, nutrition and pediatric development.

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