Cardiology (Children's Heart Program)

The University of Maryland Medical Center's Children's Heart Program.

To make an appointment with the Children's Heart Program, call (410) 328-4348.

At the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Heart Program focuses on providing compassionate and comprehensive cardiac care for children from before birth through adulthood.  Our team, which includes specialized nurses and pediatric cardiologists and surgeons, uses cutting-edge diagnostic technology and offers interventional procedures to help families and heal children.

Learn more about our Fetal Heart Program and our Adult Congenital Heart Program.

Patient Success Stories

15-year-old Jordyn Ray had several sicknesses as a baby, but her family never thought any of that had to do with her heart. One day at school, Jordyn, a gymnast, felt like her heart was pounding out of her chest. After meeting with a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, it was discovered that open heart surgery was needed. 

The surgery corrected Jordyn's heart problems and allowed her to return to competition.

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Leaders in Research

University of Maryland's Sunjay Kaushal, MD, PhDDr. Sunjay Kaushal, M.D., Ph.D., is leading research to address hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), a life-threatening congenital heart condition in newborn babies. If left untreated, HLHS is usually fatal in the first weeks of life.

Currently there is no cure for this devastating condition; but, by way of two new clinical trials, Dr. Kaushal, the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, and its team are preparing to take a major step to improve – and possibly save – the lives of our tiniest patients.

Learn more here.

Meet our Team

Four University of Maryland Children's Heart Program doctors were featured in Baltimore Magazine's Top Doctors 2016 issue – cardiologists Carissa Baker-Smith, M.D., Alicia Chaves, M.D., Peter Gaskin, M.D., and Geoffrey Rosenthal, M.D., Ph.D., and cardiac surgeon Sunjay Kaushal, M.D., Ph.D.

Meet Dr. Kaushal, who, when he isn't in the operating room, can sometimes be found on the ice playing hockey. 

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Preparing for Surgery

Do you have surgery scheduled soon and want to know what to expect?

Follow University of Maryland Medical Center nurse practitioner Melanie Muller in this video tour of the hospital, which details the different stops you or your child will make on the day of surgery.

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To make an appointment with the Children's Heart Program, please call 410-328-4348.

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