Child Protection Team

The Child Protection Team (CPT) is an interdisciplinary team that helps UMMC staff assess and address possible child abuse and neglect. The team includes pediatricians, social workers, a psychologist, and a Baltimore City Department of Social Services (DSS) representative. In addition, police and Child Advocacy Center representatives provide consultation, as needed.

CPT Goals

  • Provide support and consultation, ensuring optimal care for children who:
    • are “at risk” of abuse or neglect (i.e., maltreatment)
    • have been maltreated
    • may have been maltreated
  • Provide education and training on child abuse, neglect and intimate partner (or domestic) violence
  • Build collaborative relationships within the UMMC and with the community for addressing and preventing maltreatment
  • Engage in continuous quality improvement
  • Develop policies for UMMC pertaining to child maltreatment

The following examples may reflect child abuse or neglect:

Physical Abuse

  • Injury pattern suspicious for abuse
  • Injury inconsistent with history

Sexual Abuse

  • History or disclosure suggestive of sexual abuse
  • Age-inappropriate sexualized behavior
  • Genital findings suggestive of abuse
  • Sexually transmitted infection in prepubertal child
  • Pregnancy in young adolescent


  • Failure to thrive with significant psychosocial problems
  • Medical neglect
    • Non-adherence (non-compliance) to treatment, jeopardizing child's health
    • Dangerous delay in seeking health care
  • Grossly inadequate clothing or hygiene
  • Extended school absence

Emotional/Psychological Abuse

  • Hostile or inappropriate parent-child interaction
  • Intimate partner violence

Ways that the CPT can assist UMMS staff:

  • Help clarify if a child has been abused or neglected
  • Assist in evaluating suspected abuse or neglect
  • Assist in managing suspected abuse or neglect
  • Provide guidance in making a report to CPS
  • Trouble-shoot with CPS, law enforcement, the state's attorney's office and other professionals
  • Help prepare court testimony
  • Provide psychological assessments
  • Provide in-service trainings
  • Provide 24/7 consultation (most of the time) whenever there is a concern regarding child abuse or neglect
  • Consult in multi-disciplinary case conferences

Team Members

Howard Dubowitz, MD, MS
(Pediatrician & CPT Chair)
Extension: 410-706-6144

Charles Shubin, MD
(Pediatrician at Mercy)
Office: 410-500-5568

Wendy Lane, MD, MPH
Extension: 410-706-7865

Leslie Fitzpatrick, LCSW-C
(CPT Coordinator)
Extension: 410-706-5176

Forrest Closson, MD
Extension: 410-328-6335(ED)

Randy Chang, PsyD
Extension: 410-706-4869

Brandi Stocksdale, LCSW-C
(Baltimore City CPS)
Extension: 443-423-7286

Kristen Favarulo, LCSW-C
(UMMS Social Worker)
Extension: 410-328-0841

Carrie Freshour, LGSW
(PATH Clinic Social Worker)
Office: 443-682-6620

For more information or to reach the CPT, please call (410)706-5176 or email:

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