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The first Breathmobile asthma club is now held at Westside Elementary School once a month. The goal of this after school club is educate the children of Westside Elementary School to become more aware of identifying asthma symptoms and being able to educate family members and other students about asthma.

The Breathmobile has recently been awarded grants from the Weinberg Foundation and HRSA's Healthy Tomorrows to expand services to the Hispanic Community. We have developed a partnership with Centro de la Comunidad, the Hispanic Community Center in Highlandtown, Maryland, in which we are working together to bring free asthma and allergy services to the Hispanic Community of Baltimore. This effort is led by Dr. Anayansi Lasso-Pirot, a native of Panama, who has a special interest in improving the quality of asthma care for Latinos.

This page was last updated: June 28, 2013

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