Tyreese Gilmore

Tyreese Gilmore

Terry Hawkins's grandson, Tyreese Gilmore, now in the 5th grade, started going to the Breathmobile in September of 2010. Read what she had to say about Tyreese's experience with asthma and the Breathmobile.

The University of Maryland Children's Hospital Breathmobile Program helped my grandson, Tyreese. I didn't know he had asthma until the Breathmobile came to his school, Edgewood Elementary. I worked at the school and heard that there was going to be an asthma class given that day. While waiting for it to start, I asked Lisa DiStefano (a pediatric nurse practitioner on the Breathmobile staff) a question about the way Tyreese was breathing at night. She said he might have asthma, and that I should have him tested on the Breathmobile.

I took him to the Breathmobile that day and Tyreese was examined and had a lung function test. Lisa told me that with what she heard in his lungs and what his test showed, that he would likely end up in the hospital -- that's how bad his breathing was. I was really concerned after she told me that. Lisa gave him asthma medicine, which he had never had before. She taught me that asthma in children can be controlled, and showed me how to help Tyreese control his condition.

After he received the medicine, Tyreese's asthma was much better and every time he went to the Breathmobile, his condition continued to improve. Tyreese still goes to the Breathmobile every few months to have his asthma checked. I thank God for people that care about children's health.

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