Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics

The Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics Division offers comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment for children, birth to age 21, with developmental and behavioral problems.

The division maintains special services for children with school problems, behavioral or developmental issues, pervasive developmental disorder/autism (PDD) and SIDS families, and works closely with child psychiatrists as a liaison for patients and families.

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You can contact the office of the Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics Division through Ms. Drena Byrd at 410-328-4073

To make an initial appointment please call 410-706-2300. For follow-up appointments please call 410-328-6749.

Patient Conditions | Comprehensive Evaluations | Specialized Treatments | Research Activities | Special Programs | Services to Physicians

Patient Conditions

  • Common behavior problems among children and adolescents, as well as dysfunctional behavior and problems related to family issues, such as divorce
  • Problems related to chronic illness and diseases with prominent psychosomatic difficulties
  • Handicaps or developmental disabilities in children, developmental delay, and pervasive developmental disorder/autism
  • Adolescent and young adult sexual identity issues

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Evaluation of children with developmental or learning problems and school or related difficulties (hearing problems, hyperactivity, peer problems)

Specialized Treatments

Research Activities

Special Programs

Center for Development, Behavior and Learning

  • Comprehensive Evaluation Unit identifies and treats children with developmental problems or disabilities
  • Developmental Pediatrics Clinic manages children with handicaps or developmental disabilities
  • Center for Infant and Child Loss Program is a statewide program of support and public and professional education
  • Center for the Atypical Child evaluates children with atypical behavioral/learning who may have autistic spectrum disorders

Services To Physicians

  • Services include: Consultation on complicated cases, second opinions, evaluation of patient conditions, special treatment procedures and short-term and long-term management

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