Sussan Mbi Ndakor

Sussan Mbi Ndakor, M.D.Sussan Mbi Ndakor, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of the Gambia

Medical School: The University of Sint Eustasius School of Medicine

A little about myself. . .

I was born and raised in Cameroon, which is in Central Africa. I left home when I was 12 years old to go to a boarding school where I did 7 years. Being the adventuress that I am, I then moved to the Gambia, a country in the West coast of Africa. After 3 years of Undergraduate (Pre-med), I moved to the Netherland Antilles for Medical school. It has been a wonderful experience having been to quite a few countries and experiencing different cultures. I am one of 5 children and my parents are still back in Cameroon. I have been here in the states for about two years and have been to quite a few states while doing clinical rotations. I had the opportunity to interview with a good number of programs, but during my interview here at Maryland; I met some awesome people and just felt at home. The interview was relaxing and I felt like they wanted to know my story. I am really excited to be here. I love dancing, reading criminal novels and watching law and order.

My favorite quote is, "With God all Things Are Possible". I am ready to explore the city of Baltimore and make some good friends.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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