The University of Maryland pediatrics training programs are committed to producing well-rounded and well-trained pediatricians. We believe that participating in research is an important part of every pediatrician's training. Each resident in our programs is required to complete a research project in the area of his/her choice. Projects range from basic science bench research to clinical studies, quality improvement initiatives, and health policy projects. The Department of Pediatrics is in the top 10 of state-funded schools for research grants, and our faculty are eager to work with residents. The program leadership works with residents to identify an area of interest and to connect them with faculty members who do work in that area and serve as research mentors. Methodological and statistical support is available through the department as well. Most residents do a standard research/scholarly project, but some complete their required project as part of one of the longitudinal programs described in the Special Tracks tab.

Recent Resident Presentations/Publications:

Heckel, Diana. Expression of CD22 does not distinguish leukemia stem cells from the bulk population in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases. Presented at the American Association for Cancer Research conference, 2012.

Jones, Lindsay. A Youth Soccer Parent-coach Survey for Assessment of Concussion Awareness Prior to Educational Module. At the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine, 2012.

Wilhelm, Carolyn, et al. Predictors of Prolonged Length of Intensive Care Unit Stay Following Stage 1 Palliation: A Report from the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative. At the American College of Cardiology Conference, 2012.

Patel, Manisha. Identifying the Lipid Raft Homing Signal of L1 Cell Adhesion Molecules. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2012.

Gill, Vikram and Strobel Ashley. Non-Febrile Seizure in the Pediatric Emergency Department: to Draw Labs and CT Scan or Not? At the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, 2012.

Herzig, Lisa. Analysis of Current Trends and Changes Over Time to Early Intervention Programs Across the Nation. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2012.

Kim, John. Cardiovascular Auscultation Skills After Simulation of Heart Sounds. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011.

Cifra, Christina, et al. Perinatal Inflammatory and Clinical Risk Factors for Health Screen Failure in Very Low Birth Weight Newborns. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011.

Chea, Bophany; Fonseka, Piyumi; Mallya, Kiron. Effectiveness of Teaching Medication Administration on health Literacy in an Urban Population. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011.

Snyder, Jonathan; Beckman, Dawn; et al. Direct and Indirect Impact of Influenza Vaccination on School Absenteeism. At the Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011.

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