Erica Delbecq

Erica Delbecq, M.D.Erica Delbecq, M.D.

Class of 2017
Undergraduate: Florida State University
Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine

I grew up in both sunny northern Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our family made the move after we took a ski trip to Salt Lake for Christmas break on year.  Because of that I developed a bunch of new hobbies like skiing and snowboarding, met who are now my best friends and visited amazing places in the western US.  I eventually made my way back to Florida State University where I attended undergrad and medical school and am a Seminole through and through.

The interview trail brought me from coast to coast where I was looking for a Med-Peds program in an exciting city with a close knit feel.  When I met our program leadership here at University of Maryland I knew I had found a place both my husband and I could be happy.  So far the program is everything I could have hoped and we are having a great time exploring this area of the country.  This training program is exceptional and I'm lucky to be here.  

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