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Using the Medical Home model, ASK provides care coordination for families of children and youth with complex healthcare needs.

What is Care Coordination?

  • Support for families
  • Assist care providers in serving families
  • Serve as a bridge between families, primary care providers and specialists
  • Identify and link to community resources
  • Primary point of contact for families and providers at University of Maryland Children's Hospital
  • Optimize integration into school and specialized day care
  • Coordinate appointments with specialists
  • Personalize services for each child

What does ASK do?

  • Serves as a Single Point of Entry to University of Maryland Medical Center and Children's Hospital Pediatric Specialists
  • Uses a Team Approach in assisting families with their child's medical condition
  • Links families, specialists, and primary care providers
  • Provide Education to parents and children
  • Connect to community resources
  • Coordinate appointments

ASK's Goal

To simplify the lives of our patients and families who see multiple specialists by providing support and access to resources. As a liaison between the family, community, and physicians, ASK can assist families to overcome barriers in managing a child with a complex or chronic medical condition.

ASK's Services

Arrange Home Care Services

  • Durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Home care
  • Supplies

Assist Family with Developmentally Appropriate Activities

  • Daycare
  • Headstart
  • Special Education/IEP

Community-Based Services

  • Statewide outreach to identify community pediatric health care providers who serve special needs children
  • Build on relationships the University of Maryland Department of Pediatrics has across the state via regional county health departments to identify areas of unmet need for medically complex children and provide linkages to care for those patients
  • Offer care plan coordination with regional health departments
  • Collaborate and coordinate with University of Maryland Medical System hospitals and satellite practices to bring into care children with complex medical needs who are unable to attend our Baltimore City locations.

Locate Community Resources

  • Financial
  • Supportive
  • Educational

Coordinate Health Care Access

  • Rare and Expensive Medical Assistance (REM) referral
  • Medical Assistance Transportation
  • Specialty appointments within the University of Maryland Medical System
  • Health insurance advocacy
  • Education about health insurance options

Call our Referral Line at 410-706-6591.

Referral Process

Anyone can refer a patient: Parent, Doctor, Social Worker, Therapist, School, Family Member, or Community Agency. Referrals are accepted on our Referral Line at 410-706-6591 and via email at

Contact Emily Grotzinger B.A., ASK Outpatient Care Specialist

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