ASK Program


Using the Medical Home model, ASK provides care coordination for families of children and youth with complex healthcare needs.

What is Care Coordination?

  • Support for families
  • Assist care providers in serving families
  • Serve as a bridge between families, primary care providers and specialists
  • Identify and link to community resources
  • Primary point of contact for families and providers at University of Maryland Children's Hospital
  • Optimize integration into school and specialized day care
  • Coordinate appointments with specialists
  • Personalize services for each child

What does ASK do?

  • Serves as a Single Point of Entry to University of Maryland Medical Center and Children's Hospital Pediatric Specialists
  • Uses a Team Approach in assisting families with their child's medical condition
  • Links families, specialists, and primary care providers
  • Provide Education to parents and children
  • Connect to community resources
  • Coordinate appointments

ASK's Goal

To simplify the lives of our patients and families who see multiple specialists by providing support and access to resources. As a liaison between the family, community, and physicians, ASK can assist families to overcome barriers in managing a child with a complex or chronic medical condition.

ASK's Services

Arrange Home Care Services

  • Durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Home care
  • Supplies

Assist Family with Developmentally Appropriate Activities

  • Daycare
  • Headstart
  • Special Education/IEP

Locate Community Resources

  • Financial
  • Supportive
  • Educational

Coordinate Health Care Access

  • Rare and Expensive Medical Assistance (REM) referral
  • Medical Assistance Transportation
  • Specialty appointments within the University of Maryland Medical System
  • Health insurance advocacy
  • Education about health insurance options

Call our Referral Line at 410-328-6879.

Referral Process

Anyone can refer a patient: Parent, Doctor, Social Worker, Therapist, School, Family Member, or Community Agency. Referrals are accepted on our Referral Line at 410-328-6879 and via email at

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