Zac Weinstein

College Freshman is 'Back to Normal' After Receiving Remicade Treatments in New Pediatric Infusion Center

For the past six years, Zac Weinstein suffered with symptoms of Crohn's disease, including stomach cramps and nausea. But it wasn't until December 2008 that he was finally diagnosed when he came to UMMC.

Doctors quickly diagnosed Zac after giving him a capsule endoscopy test. Now, 18-year old Zac, a freshman at the University of Maryland College Park, receives periodic IV infusions of Remicade at the new Pediatric Infusion Center that opened last fall when the Children's Hospital realized the need for a suite for pediatric outpatients who require these infusions.

Zac's younger brother was also diagnosed at UMMC with the same disease and has responded well to the Remicade infusions.

Before the Remicade infusion treatments, Zac was on steroids, which caused nausea. At first he was worried about the treatments, but so far he hasn't had any side effects. He says the Remicade took away the pain and he now feels fine. “The difference is that now I feel good. I can eat whatever I want and my stomach doesn't hurt all the time.”

Zac will only need to come in every eight weeks for treatment, which typically takes two hours. His parents say that Zac is now completely back to normal and is putting on weight.

Steve Weinstein, Zac's father said that the Remicade has made a big improvement in the quality of Zac's life.

“Thank God Zac got on Remicade; it's been wonderful for him. He's back to living a normal life," Weinstein said.

Jayme Weinstein, Zac's mother, agrees. "I was very happy with how fast they diagnosed Zac. They gave us the results the same day he had the test," she said. "The doctors are wonderful. And Jeanne Cavalier, RN (the infusion nurse) is stellar. She's very sweet, caring and nice.”

Zac's parents are also happy with the central location of the new infusion center. “It's nice to have a bigger section. Now we know we are coming to one spot, which is nice. Now there's a home. It's good to have one place to come to. It's a great section, we have more room. Each person has their own section, this is a very nice room,” said Jayme.