iPads Add Fun for Bedridden Patients

Dazja was admitted to the hospital for a blood clot but was determined to be social during her hospital stayPatient with iPad by doing crafts in the Teen Room and getting out and about within the Children's Hospital.  

The day of her admission, Dazja's condition deteriorated, and she was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Due to her condition, it was no longer safe for her to get out of bed or even dangle her feet. This social butterfly was devastated that she could not leave her room or hang out with other patients in the Teen Room. Her mother said she would have to get Dazja a computer or iPad to help her cope with being stuck in bed. 

Dazja's doctor informed her that she would need surgery. This news was met with tears and pleas to just go home. Dazja's Child Life Specialist had an idea to help Dazja cope with her isolation and boredom. She brought Dazja an iPad, donated by the Starlight Foundation and Baltimore area Cadillac dealers, to help entertain children who are confined to the hospital. The iPads provide a welcome distraction for pediatric patients who have to be away from home and are not able to enjoy normal social interactions with other patients and staff. 

When Child Life picked up the iPad at the end of the day Dazja said, “I had fun." Mission accomplished! An iPad lover was born when Dazja was able to return to the Teen Room and reclaim her new toy.