Breanna Devilbliss

Pediatric Patient's Family Grateful for the Help and Support They Received at UMMC

Breanna Devilbiss was only two weeks old when she was rushed to the University of Maryland Medical Center from Harbor Hospital after being diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Dr. George Willis and his staff worked tirelessly to stabilize Breanna's condition. She was released from the hospital five days after her arrival only to be brought back to UMMC that same night. Further testing showed that Breanna also had acid reflux disease. Additional treatments proved successful and Breanna is now a happy, healthy baby girl. Her mother shares the complete story below.

My name is Ashley Conaway. On January 10, 2010, my daughter Breanna Devilbiss was rushed to Harbor Hospital where she was diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Breanna's nurse told her father and me that they were taking Breanna to the University of Maryland Medical Center because they couldn't give her the attention her condition required.

Within 20 minutes, the UMMC transport team arrived at Harbor Hospital. They picked up Breanna, along with me and her father. She was transported to the pediatric unit, which is on the fifth floor of the south hospital. Dr. Willis recorded all of our information.

Dr. Willis and his staff were able to perform a spinal tap on Breanna. However, on the morning of January 11, another doctor informed us that they were inserting a breathing tube in Breanna's lungs because she had two incidents during which she stopped breathing during the night. Twenty minutes after they inserted the breathing tube, we were allowed to see her. At only two weeks old, she looked so helpless laying there. She was the youngest child in the pediatric unit.

Breanna stayed on the breathing tube for five days, after which they put her on a Si Pap machine. She was on the Si Pap machine for three days. After that time, the doctors put her on regular oxygen. She was transferred to the regular pediatric wing from the PICU on January 17. She was released five days later on January 22.

The same night Breanna was released, my sister-in-law and I rushed her to Baltimore Washington Medical Center because she was beginning to have breathing problems again. She was rushed back to UMMC by the transport unit that night. Dr. Willis looked at both me and Breanna's father and asked why we were back since she had just been released earlier that day.

We told him what happened, and he and his team ran more tests on Breanna which showed she also had acid reflux. Breanna was finally released from UMMC on January 29, 2010. She is now on a nebulizer as a result of being diagnosed with RSV.

I want to thank Dr. Willis and his staff for all of the help and support they gave Breanna. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about those days in the University of Maryland Medical Center.

UMMC was our second home. I'm hoping that I never have to go through this again, and I thank God that Breanna is still with me today as a result of all of the help from Dr. Willis and the pediatric staff at UMMC.