Health Information

At the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, we believe the more you know about your child's health, the better. The resources below provide a wide range of pediatric health information; click on any of them to learn more.

Audio/Video Library -- Here's your chance to get information on common childhood health issues from the experts at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

About Children's Health -- Find information on child health issues including when to schedule well care visits, what immunizations your child needs and much more.

Health Calculators -- Calculate your teenagers likelihood of using alcohol or illicit drugs, engaging in sexual behavior or other health concerns.

UMCH News -- Learn about some of UMCH's news-making advances and initiatives.

Pediatric Press -- The UMCH Newsletter: A fun and informative newsletter from the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

Online Resources -- Links to outside Web sites with pediatric-related health information.

Audio Health Tips -- Listen to audio clips of our experts discussing a variety of health topics affecting children.

Success Stories -- A collection of patient success stories from the University of Maryland Hospital for Children.

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