Pediatric Cardiology Director Runs in Marathon

Dr. Rosenthal prepares for the race with his son Stephen (right) and brother-in-law John.
Dr. Rosenthal prepares for the race with his son Stephen (right) and brother-in-law John.

Director of Pediatric Cardiology Maintains a Healthy Heart While Doing the Same for Others

Running a marathon is no easy feat. It takes months, if not years, to train for and requires 100 percent dedication. In October 2009, the Baltimore Running Festival took place, taking runners throughout the city, even running right past UMMC. One of those marathon runners was the Hospital for Children's own Dr. Geoffrey Rosenthal, director of the Pediatric Heart Program.  Dr. Rosenthal is fairly new to UMMC, having transferred here in the summer of 2009. Right away he dedicated himself to doing all that he could to gain philanthropic support and awareness for the Hospital for Children Cardiology Program.

Upon moving to Baltimore, Dr. Rosenthal had a lot on his plate with getting to know his patients and fellow clinicians, and ramping up the hospitals cardiology department. As an avid runner, clocking some 4,000 miles a year, he soon realized that though he was extremely busy, he had to make time for his daily runs. He put his training to good use and signed up for the 26.2 mile Baltimore Marathon.

Excited about the upcoming running festival, Dr. Rosenthal decided to take the opportunity to help promote the cardiology program. Word quickly spread of his initiative, and within weeks, the UMCH Cardiology Running Team was put together. Made up of close to 25 UMMC staff and supporters, team members came to the festival decked out in their UMCH Cardiology shirts, promoting the program during all of the 5k, half marathon and relay events.

One team member got to witness, firsthand, just how important the work done at UMCH is when she was approached during the race by a fellow runner whose son was a patient years ago.  The woman remarked at what an amazing heart program it is, mentioning that she will never forget how friendly and supportive the entire staff was. Her son is now 100 percent healthy thanks to doctors and their efforts.

Dr. Rosenthal ran the marathon with his son Stephen and completed it in an astonishing 4:32! The UMMS Foundation would like to thank the entire team of runners, and congratulate them for their achievements on behalf of the Children's Hospital.