Treasure Chest Wish List

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Following anxiety provoking and often painful tests and procedures, children are able to pick out a special toy from our treasure chest in recognition of their bravery and strength. These treasure chests have a positive and often profound effect on the way children cope with hospital treatments. Treasure chests are located in several different areas within the Children's Hospital.

We are always in need of items for our treasure chests and appreciate the fact that you are exploring ways of helping us. We have developed this list to give you some ideas based on the ages of children we serve. To make a donation, please contact Child Life at 410-328-1241.

Thank you for thinking of us!

Infants & Toddlers
Good quality rattles & shakers Small music boxes
Teething rings Small Tonka Chuck & Friends vehicles
Bibs Sock/wrist rattles
Small bags of wooden blocks Tub books
Cute socks Tub time toys
Peek-a-boo toys Small cardboard books
Bubbles Small dolls
Squeeze toys Rubber ducks

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Party packs of Play-Doh Simple card games
Good quality handheld toys Crayons
Matchbox cars (not imitations) Coloring books
Lil' Sis doll Small dinosaur figures
Small Duplo sets Cars & trucks
Puzzles (24 pieces or less) Hairbrushes
Silly straws Fun notepads (small)
Small balls Small Beanie babies (new)
Paint w/ water books Bubbles
Koosh balls My Little Pony sets

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Hair care products & accessories Magic tricks
Yo-Yos Small Lego sets
Puzzles Pencil sets
Activity books Fun shoelaces
Mad Libs Card games (Old Maid, Hearts, Go Fish)
Gel pens Small Beanie Babies (new)
Small craft kits Art supplies
Sticker books Trivia cards
Stationary sets Joke books
Silly putty Makeup kits
Travel size games (checkers, connect 4) Bubbles
Fun key chains Koosh balls
Nail polish & emery boards Wash-off tattoos
Small sport/team-related items

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Travel size body spray/lotion Word search
Stick on earrings Puzzles
Hair accessories/Makeup Craft supplies
Small diaries/notepads Small art kits
Coloring books Nail polish & emery boards
Activity books Chapstick
Sketch pads Gel pens
Small picture frames Fun magnets
Fun key chains Silly putty
Gift cards (Walmart, iTunes, Subway) Koosh balls
Cell phone charms

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