High School Senior Partners With Tattoo Parlor to Raise Money for Kids With Cancer

High school senior, Cameron Cooper, knew from age 6 that he wanted to spend his life working with people with cancer. So when he had to choose a senior project at Mount Saint Joseph High School in Catonsville, MD, he knew he wanted it to be something that helped people with cancer.

Cameron learned of the hematology oncology program at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital and decided to raise money specifically for these sick kids.

He approached Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery about donating a poster, and the parlor's owner, known by most as "Halo," said, "I'll do you one better. Let's give you a full day of our proceeds and host a special tattoo fundraising event."

In one day of "inking," Cameron and Black Lotus Tattoo raised nearly $10,000 for the Children's Hospital. During a visit to the hospital, Dr. Theresa York, head of the pediatric hematology oncology program, was on-hand to thank Cameron and the team at Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery for their selfless cash donation, plus 400 toys that Cameron brought for the kids.

Cameron plans to pursue a college major in pharmaceutical product development so that he can continue to make a difference to those bravely fighting cancer.