Gift Wish List

Thank you for your interest in providing something special for our children and teens at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital. Children and families in the hospital have special needs that are met through the generosity of individuals and organizations throughout the Baltimore Metro area.

Your gifts of toys, decorations and time go a long way towards brightening a child's hospital stay. You and your group can help by following these guidelines:

Visiting Policy

Because our children are acutely ill, we need to screen all donor groups before determining if scheduling a gift delivery, special visit, or party is appropriate. Thank you for understanding. Contact Child Life at 410-328-1241 if you are interested in bringing a group to visit &/or deliver gifts. See our Helpful Hints for Visitors for more information.


Only new toys are used as gifts for children. Toys are needed for all age groups. Our children range in age from a few hours old to twenty years old. Items that are not used for gifts will be saved for birthdays or for use in the activity rooms. See our Toy Safety Guidelines for more information.


Donations may be dropped off in the Child Life Donation bins located at the Information Desk inside the main entrance of the hospital between 8am-6:30pm Monday through Friday. The main entrance of the hospital is located at 22 S. Greene St.

Or you may call the Child Life office at 410-328-1241 to arrange a time to drop off the donations directly to a member of the child life team. If you have hosted a toy drive or have a sizable donation of items, please call the Child Life office to arrange a drop off time.

Stuffed Animals

We can only accept new stuffed animals because of our many children with asthma and other life-threatening conditions. Smoky, musty, or even slightly soiled ones cannot be used -- we must discard them.


Holiday decorations are used throughout the Children's Hospital. Please check with us to see what is needed. No glitter please.

Gift Wrapping

Please do not wrap gifts. Even if you were to label the gifts, safety regulations require that they be checked for appropriateness.

Edible Gifts

All edible goodies must be commercially made and wrapped. We cannot accept homemade foods. Fun placemats and party favors are appreciated. Please do not use straight pins, toothpicks, sharp or unsafe items in tray favors.

The following is a list of developmentally appropriate gift ideas for birthdays and holidays. These are just some ideas that we have found to be most popular. If you have other ideas, please consider the safety and age-appropriateness of any other items (see Toy Safety Guidelines).

Bolded items are in greatest need.

We also have a comprehensive wish list of items available on the Starlight Children’s Foundation website that may be purchased and directly shipped to us.

If you have any questions or to make a donation, please contact the Child Life Program at 410-328-1241.

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Small cardboard books/cloth books Rattles
Bath books and plastic bath toys Baby socks
Stuffed animals (brand new) Teething toys
Baby spoons and sippy cups Snap beads
Small soft balls (no nerf balls) Fisher-Price aquariums
Sensory blocks by Fisher-Price Beanie babies
Stacking toys ring stack, cups Baby blankets
Wrist and foot “jingles” Bibs
Cause and effect toys Plastic infant blocks (B. One Two Squeeze)

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Laminated cardboard books Toys with lights & noises
Stuffed animals (brand new) Shape sorters
Playskool or Fisher-Price toy phones Duplo sets
Action figures Simple puzzles
Baby dolls - all plastic, no hair Bubbles
Toy kitchen/tea sets Puzzles (peg & regular)
I Spy books Soft balls
Pop-up books
Where's Waldo & Disney Find books
Crayons and coloring books (toddler size crayons)
Fisher Price/Playskool/Discovery Toys cars, trucks, school buses, etc”¦.

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Stuffed animals (brand new) Hotwheel cars
Small jars of Play-Doh Paint sets
Silly putty Small craft kits
Yo-yo Action figures
Bubbles Barbies
Lego sets Slinky
Stickers & sticker books I Spy books
Model kits (snap & glue) Remote control cars
Slipper socks w/ characters Fun key chains
Fuzzy posters w/ markers Car magazines
Card games - UNO Hair accessories
Stamp markers Pop-up books
Decks of cards I Spy & Look a Like books
Travel size and regular size Etch-A-Sketches, Magna Doodles, Connect Four, Operation, Sorry, Guess Who?, Trouble

Handheld water toys
Electronic games Small packages of Model Magic
Crayons/markers/colored pencils/coloring books/activity books

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Teen magazines Model cars & wood building kits
Small packages of Model Magic
Small craft kits Nail polish
CD singles or "best of" compilations Decks of cards
Blank journals or sketch books Notepads
Card games Coffee & soup mugs
Plain white t-shirts (to decorate) Video game magazines
Gel pens Movie passes
Sports cards/collection starter kits Recently released DVDs (G, PG, PG-13)
Disney store items Plastic mazes & puzzles
Thin markers Activity books
Colored pencils Crossword books
Headsets Word search books
Travel size and regular size Etch-A-Sketches, Sorry, Simon, games, etc
Wooden board games (Tic Tac Toe, Tricky Triangle, etc”)
Small handheld electronic games (Battleship, Connect Four, Yahtzee, etc..)
Hair care items (brushes, big tooth combs, No More Tangles, scrunchees & clips)
Gift cards (Target, Old Navy, Gap, iTunes, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon)

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In General
Colored tissue paper Gift tags
Colored poster board Silly straws
Wrapping paper & gift bags - holiday, birthday, and generic
Band-aids (character and color varieties)
Spanish videos (Disney and popular children's titles)
Stuffed animals (must be brand new)
Non-violent video games and controllers (for XBox 360 and Playstation 2)
Recently released DVDs (no R-rated)

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