Patient Success Stories

  • Dana Deighton

    The relationship between a cancer patient and their care provider is a special one.  Between radiation therapy appointments, hours of chemotherapy, and even sometimes surgery and recovery, there’s not much that can strengthen this bond, besides running a half marathon.
  • Pat Tierney

    Pat Tierney was diagnosed with cancer at the base of her tongue in 2008, and was successfully treated at UMMC.  She never thought it could happen to her again, but during a routine CT scan, Pat was diagnosed with lung cancer.

    Could she survive it again? In Pat’s words, with the help of Dr. William Regine and Dr. Ash Sachdeva, “I got this one.
  • Jodi Abodeely

    After being misdiagnosed by several other doctors, Jodi Abodeely was told she had liver cancer by her doctors at UMMC.  She thought she didn’t have much time left, but Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), as part of her treatment at UMGCCC, saved her life.

  • Patients Who Have Received Treatment at MPTC

    For some patients, an advanced form of radiation therapy called proton therapy is an ideal treatment. Proton therapy is available at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, located on the campus of the University of Maryland BioPark. Several UMGCCC patients have benefited from this precise, powerful and noninvasive therapy available only at about 20 centers across the U.S.