Translational Laboratory Shared Service

Director: Rena Lapidus, Ph.D.
Associate Director: Mariola Sadowska, Ph.D.

Scientific Objective. The Translational Laboratory Shared Service was established in 2004 by the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center. The need for this resource was perceived by both clinicians participating in early phase drug development clinical trials, as well as basic scientists with an interest in assessing the clinical relevance of their research topics.

The specific tasks of the Translational Laboratory include:

  1. Generation of preclinical data to support the development of phase I or phase II clinical trials hypotheses
  2. Development of assays in model systems to report the effect of a drug on its intended target or a surrogate marker of efficacy
  3. To apply relevant assays developed endogenously or received from investigators outside of the Translational Laboratory to a variety of tumor models in vitro and/or in vivo
  4. To assess the distribution of novel agents to tumoral and host compartments in conjunction with clinical pharmacology resources available to the UMGCC
  5. To conduct specialized assays relevant to molecular effects of new agents.
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