X-ray Crystallography

The x-ray crystallography facility is operated jointly by the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Pharmacy and the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center. It is located on the fifth floor of the Health Sciences Facility II (HSFII) in Room S516/S518. The overall supervision is provided by the X-ray Crystallography Community Members.

The purpose of the X-ray Crystallography Shared Service is to provide equipment, training, assistance, and technological innovations for determining three-dimensional structures of protein and other macromolecules to understand the structural basis for biological function and dynamics. The facility provides instrumentation and expertise for collecting and processing x-ray diffraction data from macromolecular single crystals and is available to all the research groups inside and outside the campus.

Users who have sufficient technical expertise to carry out data collection and analysis will get assistance from the facility staff as needed. However, only trained users with specific permission will be allowed to operate the x-ray equipment.

The process of getting final protein structure thought X-ray crystallography is difficult. In many cases, it may require years of effort. Users are encouraged to collaborate with X-ray Crystallography Community Members and the facility staff. Consultations on experimental design and approaches will be provided. Collaboration may include protein purification, crystallization, data acquisition in the facility, data acquisition at a synchrotron source and others. Co-authorship of potential manuscripts should be discussed at the early stages of project planning.

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  • Services

    The X-ray Crystallography Shared Service provides many services to investigators.

  • Community Members

    Contact information for the X-ray Crystallography community members.
  • Instrumentation

    Instrumentation in the X-ray Crystallography Shared Service includes Rigaku-MSC Micromax 7 generator equipped with a Raxis-4++ image plate detector, State-of-the-art detector systems and the Oxford Cryosystems Cryocooler, among others.

  • Fees

     Fees for crystallization screening, crystal diffraction testing, x-ray data collection and other services.

  • Initiate Service

    The X-ray Crystallography Shared Service facility is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Scheduling is done by the facility manager.