Pathology & Biorepository Shared Service

Director: Paul Staats, M.D.
Laboratory Manager: Carol Robles, M.S., P.A. (ASCP)
Biorepository Manager: Kimberly Tuttle, HT, ASCP

The goal of the Tissue Bank Shared Service is to provide a resource to enhance the research of members of the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center (UMGCC). This shared service provides a constant quality of banked tissues and blood for investigators while maintaining patient confidentiality. The Oversight Committee of this shared service is responsible for the allocation of all tissues, blood and blood components to investigators. The decision to provide specimens to applicants is based on merit and the perceived benefit of the study to enhancing the goals of the UMGCC. Samples to be used for research purposes are available to investigators that have University of Maryland, Baltimore Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.

A brief description of proposed studies must be provided to the Oversight Committee with the specific aims of the proposed studies involving tissues use. Justification must be given for maximum and minimum number and per sample quality of tissues required to obtain statistical data. Tissue allocation is based on availability. Preference is given to UMGCC members with funded projects. Second priority is given to collaborative projects between UMGCC members who have the intention of applying for peer-reviewed funds. Individual Program members planning applications for peer-reviewed funding and who require preliminary data receive the next highest priority. Applications from other University of Maryland investigators are given consideration based on merit.

The IRB and the Oversight Committee must approve requests for tissues before any tissues are released to investigators. The Clinical Research Oversight Committee hears appeals for issues not resolved by the oversight committee of the Tissue Bank Shared Service Facility or the CRC.

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