Policies, Consultation & Training

The HTS SS operates on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring equitable access to all users. UMGCC provides its members with a considerable subsidy, currently 50 percent.

The availability of HTS SS staff to consult on research projects is a benefit to UMGCC's investigators and necessary before attempting a screening project. The staff has acquired experience with screening and knows the pitfalls and how they can be avoided to help the investigators design a successful screen. In addition, they will make sure the investigators are aware of the typical results from a HTS so they have an idea of what kind of results they can expect before they delve into the project.

The HTS SS provides training on all of its equipment as part of the services. The shared service also sponsors technology workshops that are presented by many of the facility's vendors, and it participates in the annual shared service and vendor symposium at UMB to introduce the SS to investigators in the UMGCC and establish leads for potential users.

This page was last updated: April 8, 2015

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