Analysis & Training Fees


Flojo and Flojo Dongle

$30.00/30 minutes of operator analysis.
$10.00/30 minutes of user analysis


Training on LSRII, Canto, etc $100.00/60 minutes

We also offer “Lunch and Learn” seminars, typically the second Thursday of the month. Check the BIORESCO webpage,
or, or email us for details.

Experimental Planning and Design Consultation:

Planning and need help in designing your flow experiment, need consultation, $100.00/60 minutes

Flow Cytometry Seminars:

The UMGCCC Flow Cytometery Shared Services is dedicated to informing, technical advice, and training of flow cytometry users. Therefore we have developed a series of Flowcore Seminars, known as “Lunch and Learns.” These seminars are a way for users to learn new technology, understand technology that exist, and how to utilize many aspects of flow cytometery. It also provides a way for users to collaborate with other users and PI’s. They are held the second Thursday of the month. Please reference the BIORESCO website or contact the facility for more information,