Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy

Program Leader: Eduardo Davila, Ph.D.
Clinical Leader: Aaron Rapoport, M.D.

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The Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program in the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center is dedicated to understanding the immune regulation of malignant disease, and translating this knowledge into the development of novel diagnostic, preventive, and treatment regimens. The program provides a forum to develop interdisciplinary strategies that promote innovative research, create new therapeutic options, and reduce the burden of cancer.

Scientific Goals:

The principle scientific goals of the Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program are to develop, characterize, and apply immunological approaches for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of pre-malignant and malignant diseases and disease progression. Importantly, these four themes are dynamic and interactive, continually evolving to remain focused on clinical needs and translating programmatic data for treatment and prevention strategies. The ability to achieve these goals is enhanced by the interactive investigators with diverse expertise in clinical, translational, and basic science.

This program has four scientific aims:

  • To develop and characterize molecular and immunologic strategies for manipulating the innate and adaptive immune responses to malignancy;
  • To design and conduct preventive and therapeutic trials for selected cancers utilizing the molecular immunological strategies identified in Aim 1;
  • To develop an immunological monitoring program to be used in conjunction with clinical outcomes to evaluate the efficacy of immunotherapy and conventional therapies; and
  • To provide an environment that facilitates and promotes collaborative interactions between basic, translational, and clinical investigators, and to disseminate knowledge and stimulate new ideas in cancer immunology.

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