Review Criteria

  • Evidence of a commitment to a career in clinical oncology cancer research. (i.e., prior training; specialized skills; prior research accomplishments)
  • Potential to develop into a successful clinical researcher and leader of multidisciplinary research teams (e.g., letters of recommendation; prior research accomplishments and experiences; leadership roles during undergraduate, graduate and clinical training)
  • Prior research productivity (i.e., papers; abstracts)
  • Performance record during clinical training (i.e., Letter(s) of Recommendation from the Program Director(s) of the candidates advanced clinical specialty and (if applicable) subspecialty training, teaching and/or awards, etc.). For those candidates with a Ph.D., letters from their thesis mentor and postdoctoral mentors should be provided.
  • Academic record during graduate training
  • Compatibility with the Training Program’s areas of concentration and disciplines (Multimodality Treatment Strategies for Cancer; Drug Discovery and Development; Underserved Populations & Cancer Treatment Disparities)

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