Expectations for Scholars

The Paul Calabresi Clinical Oncology Training Program (Training Program) provides a wonderful opportunity for Calabresi Scholars to jump start their careers as oncology clinical researchers with protected time for research and training. We have developed a number of expectations for the Calabresi Scholars that will help ensure success.

  • Each Calabresi Scholar is expected to develop a training plan with the help of the appointed Mentor Committee.
  • In the first year, each Calabresi Scholar is expected to complete didactic training leading to a Masters in Clinical Research. Calabresi Scholars who already have a master’s level degree similar to the Masters in Clinical Research may submit evidence and descriptions of prior coursework. The Advisory Committee for the Training Program will assign someone to review this coursework and develop a plan to ensure that the Calabresi Scholar has didactic education in all essential competencies for clinical research.
  • In the final two years, each Calabresi Scholar will write and implement a clinical research project. Progress on the project will be reviewed by the Mentor Committee and the Advisory Committee.
  • For the remaining 25% of time not supported by the Training Program, each Calabresi Scholar will meet the requirements and needs of the University of Maryland, Baltimore department with whom he/she has his/her assistant professor level faculty appointment.

For more information or questions about the program please e-mail us.

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