Hybrid procedures

Drs Crawford and Lee in hybrid OR

Drs. Crawford and Lee in a hybrid operating room.

Experts working side by side

The University of Maryland Medical Center is home to several hybrid operating rooms, which allow surgeons and interventionalists to perform open and endovascular cases in one operative setting. The hybrid operating rooms provide the most advanced imaging technology available in order to perform major open cases with endovascular components. 

Cardiac and vascular specialists within the Center for Aortic Disease are involved in creating treatment plans and making surgical decisions shoulder-to-shoulder during a repair procedure. Each team member brings different expertise, which helps guide the operative team throughout each unique case.

Both emergent and elective interventional aortic cases are performed using this hybrid setting. Most Type A aortic dissections are performed in the hybrid operating room, for example, so that cardiac and vascular surgeons can perform traditional open aneurysm work and endovascular repairs at the same time. 

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