Medical management

Physicians within the Center for Aortic Disease work with patients to adequately prescribe and manage medications for a variety of aortic and related conditions, such as hypertension.

While medications can help decrease the pressure on the vascular system and blood vessel walls, it is critically important that patients understand the importance of not only treating the high blood pressure but working with a multidisciplinary team of experts to get aggressive intervention in a timely fashion. The Center for Aortic Disease is home to clinical trials, like SYMPLICITY, that can help patients find solutions to risk factors for aortic emergencies, like uncontrolled hypertension. 

Once a medication regimen has been established, it is critical for patients to continue taking their medications on a regular basis, as prescribed. The risk increases immediately when patients stop taking their medicine. Even if a patient has taken their medication regularly for five years, the moment they stop taking those medicines, their risk increases all over again.

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