Drs Johnson and Fisher consulting

Drs. Johnson and Fisher discussing a patient.

Treatment at the Center for Aortic Disease ranges from detection and prevention methods, to long-term medical management to complex emergency surgery.

Experts within the Center for Aortic Disease focus on applying the latest testing and treatment options to ensure that each patient avoids life-threatening situations and has access to information that can help save their family members from aortic emergencies due to genetic conditions.

Even after a treatment plan has been agreed upon with a patient, the multidisciplinary team of aortic experts will continue to discuss the future care that may be necessary for a patient and ways to reduce their risk of aortic emergency.

Learn more about screening and diagnostics, medical management and surgery at the University of Maryland Center for Aortic Disease.

To schedule an appointment at the Center for Aortic Disease, please call 410-328-4771.

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