Research and Clinical Trials

The University of Maryland Center for Aortic Disease is a major research center with a special focus on applying the latest diagnostic testing, medications and surgical advancements to detect, prevent and treat life-threatening aortic conditions.

The Center is actively engaged in high-profile clinical trials and research initiatives that enable physicians to expand their knowledge of aortic disease. UMMC is the only center in the Baltimore-D.C. area, and one of only about 30 in the country, included in the STABLE II trial to treat patients with aortic dissection with the newest dissection-specific surgical technology. 

The Center is also participating in a major study funded by the National Institutes of Health to analyze the antibiotic doxycycline as a medication to potentially decrease the growth rate of abdominal aortic aneurysms. The University of Maryland was chosen to participate in this trial as one of the highest volume aortic centers in the country.

Patients within the Center for Aortic Disease benefit from the program's distinction as one of 35 centers in the world participating in the International Registry of Acute Aortic Dissections (IRAD). Established in 1996, IRAD is a consortium of research centers that are evaluating the current management and outcomes of acute aortic dissection. Information derived from the registry will aid in patient diagnosis and treatment as physicians learn from patient outcomes at hospitals around the world.

To schedule an appointment at the Center for Aortic Disease, please call 410-328-4771.

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