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When patients come to the University of Maryland Center for Aortic Disease, they are seen by a team of caring experts who specialize in conditions of the aorta. Physicians from cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, internal medicine and cardiogenetics (if necessary) examine the patient independently and then work together to create the treatment plans that are right for each family.

By meeting with multiple experts during one visit, patients can reduce the need for additional appointments. In addition to conducting physical exams and reviewing family medical history, the team takes time to help families understand their loved one's condition and the recommended treatment plan so that patients feel comfortable with the next stage of their disease management.

Learn more about how cardiogenetic testing can save lives in families with a history of aortic disease, or schedule an appointment at the Centers for Aortic Disease clinic.

To schedule an appointment at the Center for Aortic Disease, please call 410-328-4771.

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