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The University of Maryland Center for Aortic Disease is committed to supporting physicians on a 24/7 basis in their efforts to treat patients with complex aortic conditions. The Center is one of the highest volume referral centers for aortic dissections in the country with strong clinical outcomes.

Physicians within the Center for Aortic Disease are available to receive emergent referrals, non-urgent consults, conduct genetic testing or provide second opinions on complex diagnoses.

For help identifying signs and symptoms of an acute aortic emergency, view this quick reference guide.

The Center for Aortic Disease receives emergency transfers through the Critical Care Receiving Unit (CCRU), the first of its kind in the country established to receive, evaluate, diagnose and triage patients to the appropriate critical care unit for immediate attention. The model for the CCRU was designed based on the world renowned R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center's Trauma Resuscitation Unit to provide time-sensitive care when life is on the line. 

Health professionals can read more about the Center for Aortic Disease in University of Maryland Rounds

To reach a physician for consultation or to refer a patient for genetic testing for the diagnosis of aortic conditions, call the physician resource line at 1-800-373-4111. For urgent referrals or patient transfers, contact Maryland Express Care at 410-328-1234.

To schedule an appointment at the Center for Aortic Disease, please call 410-328-4771.

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