Retention and Recruitment

Rowen believes this partnership will allow the Medical Center to attract and retain more nurses because it allows them to diversify their jobs and careers within the profession.

“Nursing is a demanding career, and we want people to have opportunities to pursue whatever appeals to them, at different stages in their lives,” Rowen says. “We know that, nationwide, new graduates are also at risk for leaving the profession, so we want to do a better job of preparing and keeping them engaged.”

In their new partnership, the Medical Center and the University of Maryland School of Nursing will focus on four areas:


UMMC and the SON have each contributed $20,000 - a total of $40,000 - in seed money to start a fund for small grants that will be used to foster studies involving a co-principal investigator from each institution, to conduct research that is of interest to nurses. (See article.) Additional funding will be obtained through grants, entrepreneurial endeavors and other contributions. The first three requests for this funding have been submitted and are under review.


The new partnership will expand to provide about 20 UMMC nurses by next semester to serve as unit-based clinical instructors for students at the SON, as part of their Medical Center duties. Also, nurses will have more flexibility and tuition benefits to pursue advanced degrees of their own. The Medical Center and School of Nursing will collaborate to make sure that nursing education integrates the most recent developments in the professional world, such as the move to computerized provider medication order entry (CPMOE).

Clinical Practice

This aspect of the partnership will promote evidence-based nursing care by integrating the latest evidence into practice at the bedside. Examples may include creating a forum for exchange of best practices and developing partnerships to identify and investigate practice problems. The overarching goal is to work continually toward advancing nursing practice from entry level to advanced practice nursing. The partnership also will include joint opportunities to provide nursing care in different areas of the community, especially for under-served populations.


The consultation arm of the partnership will be an entrepreneurial venture that pairs UMMC nurses who are experts in their fields with SON faculty and staff to consult with other health care-related institutions. In some cases, UMMC and SON staff are doing this now, on an individual basis, but the goal for this new consultation service will be to generate revenue by charging a fee for the expert advice, consultation and professional development these nurses provide to other organizations.

This page was last updated: May 21, 2013

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