Professional Advancement Model

The Professional Advancement Model is designed to recognize and reward nurses based on their professional contributions to advancing the practice and profession of nursing. The Model focuses on the continuing professional growth and development of the nurse with emphasis on involvement at the unit level and contributions within the medical center and beyond. Advancement requires the nurse to meet defined criteria related to clinical practice/care delivery, professional development, quality/safety, and unit operations.

Model Components

The Professional Advancement Model contains four roles:

  • Clinical Nurse I (CN I);
  • Clinical Nurse II (CN II);
  • Senior Clinical Nurse I (SCN I), and
  • Senior Clinical Nurse II (SCN II).

See the role descriptions for these roles.

Professional Advancement Model Overview: (Powerpoint Presentation)

Hiring Criteria

  • A nurse with less than 12 months of experience will be hired as a Clinical Nurse I. 

  • A nurse with greater than 12 months of experience will be hired into the roles for which they can show evidence of meeting that role's qualifications (minimum role for a nurse with greater than 12 months experience is CNII).

Promotion Criteria

  • A nurse may apply for a promotion after successfully passing the probationary period.

  • A nurse cannot be in the discipline process when applying for a promotion.

  • A nurse may apply for advancement to Senior Clinical Nurse I or Senior Clinical Nurse II when meeting the requirements of the role (refer to application dates).

  • Applicant's manager must endorse application.

  • Director must endorse SCN II applications.

Unit Transfers

  • Decision made by hiring manager; will assess performance/ competency and consider area of transfer (for example, a nurse transferring to a similar unit, as far as level of care or patient focus, may be able to maintain same role).

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