Resident Credentialing

Dear Incoming Intern/Resident/Fellow:

(NOTE: If you are a visiting/rotating resident, please click here.)

Congratulations on your acceptance into one of the Graduate Medical Education training programs at the University of Maryland Medical Center!

It is our policy at the Medical Center to fully credential all residents and fellows planning to provide patient care in the institution. Your participation in this program and any contractual obligation to employ and train you are contingent upon your successful completion of the credentialing process.

The documents under Complete & Return require your immediate attention and completion. It is imperative that these forms be downloaded, completed, and returned to our email address: by April 10, 2017. Failure to return this material by this date may delay or prevent your participation in the training program.

The documents under Informational Materials are provided for your convenience. Please note that your benefits will be covered in detail at the Resident Orientation.

Medical Staff Services will be happy to assist you with your transition to the Medical Center and at any time during your training. If you have any questions about these materials, please feel free to contact Medical Staff Services at (410) 328-2902, or visit our office located at 110 South Paca Street, (on the corner of Paca and Pratt Streets), 8th Floor.

I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Maryland Medical Center and wish you continued success in your medical education.


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Allison M. Andrus, CPMSM
Director, Medical Staff Services

Complete and Return:

  • 2016 Resident Credentialing Application - Fillable PDF
  • Employee Health Packet - Fillable PDF
  • Electronic Death Certificate Access

    The State of Maryland has begun transitioning to an electronic system for registering deaths. The University of Maryland Medical Center has been identified as one of the initial facilities to begin using this system. Anyone who may be certifying a death must be registered with the State as a Certified User – therefore, all residents/fellows will be registered. Completion of the State User Agreement is required – please print, sign and return with your credentialing application. You will be contacted with your login/password as your start date gets closer. Attached is a tip sheet for your convenience as well.

Informational Materials:

These documents require the Adobe Acrobat reader Download Here