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Meet the Officers of the Medical Staff Organization.

Code of Conduct Process

Take a look at the Code of Conduct Process, as well as the purpose of the code of conduct and how to get feedback. 

How to Report a Violation

All members of the Medical Center community are expected to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.

Personalized Prescription Pads

Find out how faculty members, advanced practice nurses (NPs, CRNAs, and CNMs), and physician assistants who are credentialed to practice at the UMMC can obtain personalized prescription pads. 

Training Verifications

The Department of Medical Staff Services is pleased to provide on-line verification of resident/fellow training at UMMC.

Contact Us

Here you will find all of our contact information for the medical staff services

The Medical Staff Services Staff serves as a liaison between the Medical Staff, Hospital Administration and Departments.

Our Responsibilities Include:

  • Credentialing & Re-credentialing members of the Medical Staff and other health care professionals as outlined in the Medical Staff Bylaws
  • Informs hospital departments of current/new Medical Staff members and their clinical privileges
  • Support for Medical Staff Committees & Departments
  • Credentialing of Residents/Fellows

Our Team Includes:

  • Allison M. Andrus, CPMSM, Director
  • Heather B. Keating, CPCS, Manager, Credentialing Compliance
  • Bradley Lansinger, CPCS, Midas Database Analyst
  • Debbie Gail, Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Natasha Nolan, Medical Staff Coordinator 
  • Gary Pritchett, Medical Staff Coordinator
  • BobbiLynn Simmons, Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Christine Drinks, Credentials Assistant

You can reach the appropriate person by clicking on the Medical Staff Services Contact in the left margin.

For More Information:

Important Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Renewal Instructions


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