Postmatch Processes

Scheduling for Badges, Health Assessments, Clinical Application and Compliance Training

Security ID Badges

Badges made at Security Service Center, NBE47

Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.

To apply for a badge, complete the appropriate Security ID Application below. A picture ID is required. Download the form (requires UMMC INTRANET access), fill it out, and bring it to the Security Service Center, NBE47.

On-line Alternate

You may fill out this form on-line, then click "Save As" to save it to your computer, and print a copy to bring to the Security Service Center, NBE47.

For information, call 8-1329 or e-mail

Hospital Rules

  • Security ID Badges are to be worn conspicuously displayed at all times while in the Medical System Buildings. Wear the badge on the upper part of your body where others can easily see it.
  • Unauthorized use of Medical Center ID Security Badges may result in Corrective Action or revocation of the badge.
  • The Security ID Badge may not be loaned, transferred, or used by anybody other than the person who is pictured and named on the badge.
  • You are responsible for replacing your badge if it is missing or damaged.
  • The replacement cost for a badge is $15, effective July 1, 2009.
  • A new badge may be obtained without charge after two years if all prior badges have been returned or resolved.
  • A new picture will be required for all new badges issued if the existing picture is more than three (3) years old.
  • Security ID Badges are the property of the University of Maryland Medical Center and must be surrendered to the Medical Center upon termination, end of contract, or when requested by Medical Center management.

Employee Health Assessment

Appointments must be arranged through Employee Health Services in advance. Residents and fellows should be scheduled and should plan to bring their completed Employee Health Assessment questionnaire with them at the time of their assessment. Residents and fellows completing the Employee Health Packet, must provide additional information/explanation to any questions that are answered "Yes". Residents and fellows also must bring their vaccination record or lab results indicating immunity and PPD results or for positive PPD reactors -chest-x-ray within the past 12 months at the time they present. They should also bring a note from their treating provider for any ongoing medical condition, as well as prescription bottles for any drugs that may show up during the drug screening process.

The process to complete an employee health assessment takes approximately one hour as employees will be fit-tested for a respirators at the time of the assessment.  To schedule mandatory employee health assessment and respirator fit testing for residents or fellows, please call Employee Health Services at:

Employee Health Services

(near elevators in Shock Trauma on the main floor)


Fax: 410-328-6319

Location: T1R05

Health Sciences and Human Services Library

It is mandatory that each Program Liaison schedule a training session for its new residents and fellows through the Health Sciences and Human Services Library. This session is intended to assure that residents and fellows are familiar with the library and the resources available to them. Please be sure to read and disseminate the overview of Library Resources available to residents and fellows.

Library resources may be accessed at . Electronic resources, such as journal articles may be accessed from home; however, residents and fellows will need their UMB Barcode to access the HS/HSL Electronic Resources.  The UMB Barcode is located on the back of the UMB1 OneCard.  If your residents and fellows do not have your UMB1 OneCard yet,  visit UMB1 OneCard to look up your UMB Barcode. To schedule your residents or fellows into this orientation, please contact:

Andrea Goldstein Shipper, MSLIS

Liaison and Outreach Services Librarian

Health Sciences and Human Services Library

University of Maryland

601 West Lombard Street

Baltimore, Maryland, 20201


EPIC Training

Program Liaisons should contact the IS&T Training and Staff Development team to schedule their residents/fellows into training class on the clinical applications used at UMMC.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) and Conscious Sedation Techniques

Registration Contact


Phone: 410-328-6257

Confirmation of Certification Status ACLS/BLS

Ann Hamptom

Conscious Sedation

Allison Andrus

Phone: 410-328-1151

FPI Compliance Training

Faculty Physicians, Inc. (FPI) provides several aspects of the compliance training for residents and fellows.  All new residents and fellows must participate in the mandatory compliance training.  The training covers an introduction into compliance; fraud and abuse; regulatory matters; general coding and documentation; Medicare teaching physician rules; as well as  privacy and security overview (HIPAA).

All new residents and fellows must complete this training within 30 days of their hire date.

To register for the FPI training, please contact FPI at 4-1143.  Please contact FPI in advance to set up the training.  This allows training to be tailored to the specialty specific needs. If individual training is needed, this is conducted as part of one the UPI's regular training sessions, generally held every Monday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Registration is required for both types of training.

For additional information, please contact  Stacie Wienecke at 4-1143,