Credentialing, Payroll and Employee Health


It is University of Maryland Medical Center's policy to fully credential all residents and fellows who provide patient care in the institution.  Successful completion of the credentialing process is required prior to your participation in a residency or fellowship program and is also required as part of your contractual obligation.

If you have been accepted into a University of Maryland Medical Center program, your program liaison should have already provided you with information directing you to the Office of Medical Staff Services web address, where you can download and complete your credentialing application and other required documents to initiate this process.

Residents who do not possess a valid State of Maryland license for the duration of their first training year must complete an Unlicensed Medical Practitioner Registration form which will be provided to you by your Program Liaison.


In addition to completing the application and other required documents listed on the Office of Medical Staff Services web address, you will also be asked to provide the following information in order to satisfy the credentialing process during the New Resident/Fellow Orientation conducted by the Medical Center and prior to being added to payroll:

Employee Health:

Finally, you must provide evidence that you have satisfactorily completed the pre-employment health assessment/drug screening requirements through Employee Health Services prior to your start date.  Please visit the the Medical Staff Services web site to complete the appropriate forms.