GMEC Members

GME Committee (GMEC) has the responsibility for monitoring and advising on all aspects of residency education. Voting membership on the committee includes residents nominated by their peers, appropriate program directors, other members of the faculty, administrative personnel, and the accountable institutional official or his or her designee.

GMEC Membership 2012-2013:

Member Association
E. Francois Aldrich, MBBS Program Director, Neurosurgery
Sania Amr, M.D. Program Director, Preventive Medicine
Allison Andrus Director, Medical Staff Services
May Blanchard, M.D. Program Director, OB/GYN
Michael Bond MD Program Director, Emergency Medicine
Philip Brazio, MD House Staff - General Surgery
Wengen Chen, M.D. Program Director - Nuclear Medicine
Wendla Citron, M.D. Program Director - Radiation Oncology
Mark Ehrenreich, M.D. Program Director - Psychiatry and Pyschosomatic Medicine
David Eisenman, M.D. Program Director, Otolaryngology/Otorhinolaryngology
Samuel D. Friedel, M.D. Program Director - Ophthalmology and Designated Institutional Official - University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus
Erin Giudice, M.D. Program Director, Pediatrics
Ronald Goldner, M.D. Associate Program Director, Dermatology
Jonathan Gottlieb, M.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer - UMMC
Robert Habicht, M.D. Program Director, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Olga Ioffe, M.D. Program Director, Pathology
Stephen Kavic, M.D. Program Director, General Surgery
Sampson Kyere, M.D. House Staff, Diagnostic Radiology and President of the House Staff Association
Joseph Liberto, M.D. Chief Academic Officer - Baltimore VA Medical Center (non-voting)
J. V. Nable, M.D. Advanced Chief Resident (junior faculty)- Emergency Medicine
Michael Naslund, M.D. Program Director, Urology
Mary Njoku, M.D. Program Director, Anesthesiology Chair GMEC - Designated Institutional Official - UMMC
Lisa Pearl, M.D. House Staff, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Laura Pounds Director, Graduate Medical Education
Mohammed Qaisi, DDS, M.D. House Staff, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Charles Resnik, M.D. Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology
Alicia Reynolds, J.D. Maryland Medicine Comprehensive Ins Program
Yvette Rooks, M.D. Program Director, Family Medicine
MacKenzie Short, M.D. House Staff, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Robert Sterling, M.D. Program Director, Orthopaedic Surgery
Barney Stern, M.D. Program Director, Neurology
Rainer von Coelln, M.D. House Staff, Neurology
Michael E. Winters, M.D. Program Director, EM/IM/CC
Gary Warburton, DDS MD Program Director - Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Fred Weiss, M.D. House Staff, Diagnostic Radiology
Michael Winters, M.D. Program Director, EM/IM/CC
Susan Wolfsthal, M.D. Program Director, Internal Medicine
Thelma Wright, M.D. Program Director, Pain Medicine Anesthesiology

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