Institutional Committee Members

Committee Resident/Fellow Name & Title Program In-House Beeper Long Range Beeper
Council on Cultural Competence & Inclusion
Ashley Woods
Resident PGY-1
Internal Medicine 12308 12308
Council on Cultural Competence & Inclusion
Priscilla Mpasi
Resident PGY-1
Pediatrics 2377  
Ethics Committee Enrique Oviedo
Fellow PGY-5
Addiction Psychiatry   401-899-2672
Ethics Committee Jessica Durkee-Shock
Resident PGY-3
Internal Medicine/
Ethics Committee Sara Hefton
Fellow PGY-5
Neuro- Critical Care 12350 410-232-0446
Ethics Committee Patricia Seal (nee Bosnic)
Resident PGY-2
Obstetrics and gynecology 7717  
GMEC Alternate to Lisa Davidoff Stefanie Mason
Resident PGY-3
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics 11412  
GMEC Alternate for Meeks Randall Schultz
Resident PGY-4
Diagnostic-Radiology 10651 410-232-4618
GMEC Alternate for Quasba Elizabeth Wiley
Resident PGY-2
Family Medicine   410-416-2315
GMEC Alternate to Adnaan Moin Barrie Branin
Vice President HSA-Resident PGY-3
Pediatrics/Emergency Medicine 11384 410-232-5882
GMEC Alternate to Urrunaga Iris Lee
Fellow PGY-5
Gastroenterology 11881 410-232-3697
GMEC Member Nathalie Urrunaga
Fellow PGY-6
Gastroenterology 11290 410-232-2649
GMEC Member Adnaan Moin
President HSA Resident PGY-5
Diagnostic-Radiology 10667 410-232-5372
GMEC Member Lisa Davidoff (nee Pearl)
Resident PGY-4
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics 10741  
GMEC Member Michael Humsi
Resident PGY-3
Anesthesiology 11295 410-232-1877
GMEC Member Lindsay Goicochea
Fellow PGY-6
Cytopathology 11953  
GMEC Member Stephen Shaheen
Resident PGY-2
Emergency Medicine 11939 410-232-3878
GMEC Member Justin Martello
Chief Resident PGY-4
Neurology 10608 410-232-3327
GMEC Member Ehsan Jazini
Resident PGY-4
Orthopaedic Surgery 6330 410-351-7504
GMEC Member Adriana Laser
Fellow PGY-6
Vascular Surgery 8708 410-460-0053
GMEC Member Adam Meeks
Resident PGY-2
Diagnostic-Radiology   410-232-4750
GMEC Member Naeha Quasba
Resident PGY-2
Family Medicine   410-416-1436
PISC Uni Wong
Fellow PGY-4
Gastroenterology 12225 410-232-5233
PISC Courtney Krug
Resident PGY-2
Diagnostic-Radiology 10092 410-232-4844
PISC Ashley Laleker
Resident PGY-3
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics 11413  
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